Starting this month, we’re going to see another increase on another bill that we don’t want, but it’s gonna happen anyway. Here's the scoop.

Beloved customers of Central Maine Power (CMP) will see an average increase of $15.56 per month on bills, according to Central Maine, which is a 12.6% rise.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission approved the increase, and our monthly average bills will be just under $140. As per the article, it’s based on a 550 kilowatt-hour usage.

Why the Increase?

According to the article, the costs are related to storm cleanup, renewable energy, and incentives for electric heat pumps and cars. And even though this is a pretty hefty increase, they say it could be worse, and the rates could've been higher if other costs hadn't gone down.

CMP gives power to 653,170 customers in Maine, as per the report.

Those customers will be billed about $5 more to cover the $179.3 million in policy costs. That includes net energy billing credits for power that is renewable, as well as wind and solar farm purchase agreements.

The largest portion of the increase (over $10) is to reimburse CMP $220 million for storm cleanup costs from 2022 and 2023, as per the report.

CMP has put out a chart highlighting why the increase is taking place. 

According to CMP, the largest portion of the rate increase is due to the severe storms in 2022 and 2023. CMP spent $220 million on storm cleanup, which will cost customers more than $10 on average each month to cover these expenses.

As a CMP customer myself, I understand the frustration of any rate increase, especially one this large.

How do you feel about this? Let us know. 

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