Just when we didn't think Maine families couldn't possibly be spending any more money per month just to get by, Maine's largest electric utility has announced another proposed rate increase.

According to the Kennebec Journal, Central Maine Power has proposed a new rate hike on Maine customers that would amount to about another $10 a month on most Mainer's power bills. This rate increase, if approved, would see an increase of about $5 per month in 2023 and be in full effect of $10 per month by the year 2026, according to the article.

However, there is still hope that such a rate hike not be a for-sure thing.

The Kennebec Journal is reporting that, in addition to the Maine Public Utilities Commission, the Governor's Energy Office is also showing some resistance on the new proposal.

The KJ is reporting that both offices are 'formally intervening' on the proposed rate hike. This move will allow the Governor's Energy Office to 'participate more fully in the rate hike request hearings, beyond testifying against the increase', according to the article.

Governor Janet Mills said that her administration's opposition to this newly proposed rate increase is all part of what she calls an 'increased focus on renewable energy projects and increased oversight of the state’s electric utilities', according to the Kennebec Journal article.

When word of a forthcoming rate-hike request came from CMP back in May of this year, the company's CEO and President, Joseph Purington, said in part about the hike,

“CMP must continue to make smart system updates that improve reliability now and enable the company to successfully perform our role in helping Maine meet its climate change goals.”

Additionally, CMP representatives have said that this proposed rate hike would assist in making their power grid 'more resilient' against storms, the article stated.

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