David Gonzalez, 34-year-old guy in Minnesota, bought a house in Elbow Lake for just over ten grand with the idea of fixing it up and flipping it. As he was working on the structure and started busting through walls, that's when he found the mother lode...

There, unbeknownst to anyone, was a 1938 comic book with the first appearance of Superman. It was tucked in with a bunch of old newspapers being used as insulation. He had to get into the walls to change that. Good thing he did.

Can you say, "cha-ching?"

The comic book, a copy of Action Comics Number One from 1938, is worth $2 Million in mint condition. Online bidding on this one is already at over $135, 000 and bidding doesn't end until June 12th. This particular copy, with a 9.2 ranking, is valued at $275, 000 which doesn't mean it won't sell for much more.

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