I probably should not be telling people this, but I always use really, really, REALLY easy to remember PINs for my bank cards.  Well, almost always.

I recently got a new card for my business account and decided I should use something less basic for my PIN (just in case).  That ended up being a big mistake!

I used it twice right after I got the card.  No problem!  Flash forward a month...  BIG PROBLEM!

Yesterday, I wanted some cash.  Just a little walking around money because I am not a fan of using a card for a $1 coffee.

Sitting at the ATM, I tried  what I thought was the number.  Nope.  I tried the next number it could be...  Not that one, either.  It kicked back the third one, too.  For the fourth number, I went back to the first one I tried.  I know it may come as a surprise, but that one STILL didn't work.

Fortunately, TD Bank has awesome customer service!  Within five minutes I had a reset PIN (which I think I remember) and the $20 cash that I'd been trying to get out of the ATM.

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