I'm a big sci-fi fan.  And, one of my favorite sci-fi genres (yes, there are different types) is post-apocalyptic sci-fi.

Over the weekend, I stumbled on Netflix's new show "The Rain".  I don't remember seeing anything about it until it premiered on Friday, but the good people at Netflix were smart enough to recommend it as something I'd probably like.

So TRUE!  I love this show!  I watched the first 4 eps (of the 8 ep season) back-to-back and I'll probably finish it after work tonight.

The show follows a young brother and sister who, six years after a plague carried by rain has wiped out large portions of Northern Europe, are trying to find their father.  There's a chance that he may have the key to curing the plague.  They're joined by a small group of other survivors, including a former soldier and a compulsive liar.

Even though it borrows (steals???) from the UK's "Survivors", "28 Days Later", "The Stand", and "The Walking Dead", it still somehow feels really original.

If you check it out, watch AT LEAST the first two episodes before you pass judgement.