My 7 year old daughter, Denise, decided she would draw me a picture.

I LOVE getting artwork from my kids...  I DO NOT LIKE finding artwork drawn on my new(ish) car!

Denise drew on the door of my car
Denise drew on the door of my car

After seeing this, I asked for your help.  I wanted to know your suggestions on what I should use to get ball point pen out of my car door.

Here's what you came up with:
-Nail Polish Remover
-Baby Wipes (they def smell better than WD-40 or nail polish remover)
-Hand Sanitizer
-Magic Eraser

A couple people suggested I just leave it there because it is "adorable".  No disagreement, it IS adorable, but the car is far to new (to me, at least) to leave something like that on the door.

You guys are awesome!  Thanks for all your suggestions!

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