Saturday night was, considering how busy I've been lately, pretty lazy.  I spent most of the night sipping whiskey and watching stuff on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

One of the movies that Amazon Prime recommended for me was "Island Zero".  It's a low-budget scifi / horror movie set on an island off the coast of Maine.  The movie begins with the island getting cut off from the outside world (electrical and internet cables cut, the ferry stops coming, etc) and the residents are left to figure out what happened.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, there is a scene set at the local doctor's office.  The visiting doctor is having a conversation about Christmas plans with the nurse / receptionist.  I commented to my wife that I thought the nurse looked really familiar.  Told her I thought I went to school with the woman.  She told me I was nuts.

A quick check on IMDB proved me right!  The actress' name is Anna Gravel.  Her and I attended Houlton High School together.  She was a couple grades behind me.  Actually, she was in a few of the musical productions that I did light and sound (yes, I was an AV geek) for.

Glad to see she is following her dreams producing, and acting in, movies.