It's 2019...  Almost every business uses email in some way.  It's a super-convenient way to communicate when you have staff in different places or that work vastly different shifts.  If you work in a creative business you can use it to share images, videos, or mp3s.  Using email also lets you create a record of what was said that you can go back to if you have a question.

Welcome to the 21st century, right?

Here's the problem, though.  People (a lot of us) have a bad habit of not completely reading emails.  We skim them, we don't scroll down so we don't see the entire email, or we don't open them at all because we don't think they apply to us.

Honestly, I am one of the biggest culprits of this...  The amount of disasters (figuratively) I've nearly caused by NOT reading my emails is crazy.  I've missed important instructions, miss-read dates, and bugged busy people by asking questions that I already had the answer to.

I am trying to be better about this, though.

So, join me in taking the pledge to READ YOUR EMAIL!




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