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I might have been the last person on earth to upgrade my old flip phone (which was next to impossible to text on) to a new, smarter phone. So I get the texting thing now.

I can honestly say I have never texted while driving. I also can honestly say I have looked at my phone and read messages while at a stop light and that is just as illegal as texting while driving.

I was reading an article on about a police force in Marietta Georgia that is trying to combat distracted drivers.

They deployed a force of officers dressed as road crews to walk up and actually look into the cars and verify that the drivers were, in fact, performing illegal activities while driving. The disguised officers would then radio ahead to patrol officers who would pull over and cite the guilty parties.

YouTube/PigMine 2

I say "Ingenious"

Check out the video below. And be careful the next time you are stopped in your car and you get the urge to pick up your phone. You never know who might be watching.