I saw this. I got excited. I would LOVE to go visit my mother and my best friend in Pennsylvania but I would not do so without a recent, negative test for COVID-19. While I understand that it simply tests me for that moment in time and of course I could come in contact with someone who has it any time after the test I would know I was starting that time from a point with a negative test.

So I see the Maine CDC has been working on a website that you pop in your zip code and *boom* a list of places you can get a test. AND yes, it does give you that list. But as I looked down the list you need a doctor's screening or be at elevated risk somehow. I did search a Bangor zipcode, Augusta zip code, Lewiston zip, and Portland zip code to check out the most of the state.

BUT when I did the zipcode for Wells in southern Maine the site gave me some other information. There are sites in New Hampshire that DO walk-in testing?  Maybe, according to the ConvenientMD website, they offer COVID-19 testing for Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. AND based on the photo on the website they do the test to you. I don't think I could do the test to myself like some testing sites I have read about.

Going deeper into the site I am not sure if they only offer the testing without any symptoms or reason all or just New Hampshire residents. Or is a situation like this a legit reason for the tests?

I know the State of Maine wants people to have a negative COVID-19 within 72 hours....and I would like to extend that courtesy to my hosts in Pennsylvania if I go...so, how would I do that?  How to people coming to Maine do that? I have looked, there does not seem to be an easy answer. Help me out...what am I missing?

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