Moxie, it's a Maine thing, to be more precise, it's a Lisbon, Maine thing. The famous bubbly beverage in the bright orange cans is an acquired taste. The annual Moxie Festival is going on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout Lisbon and Lisbon Falls.

The weekend will feature live music, a petting zoo and pony rides, fireworks, the 195th Army Band, the Moxie 5k road race, a dance party, a carnival, the moxie car show, and plenty more!

Dr. Augustin Thompson of Union, Maine first marketed Moxie as a patent medicine in 1876. It was guaranteed to cure multiple ills, including 'loss of manhood', paralysis, and softening of the brain.

He later marketed Moxie in 1884 as a soft drink as the soda market started to boom!


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