Central Maine is home to several different colleges and universities. Take for example the University of Maine at Augusta, Colby College and Thomas College in Waterville. KVCC in Fairfield and so on and so forth.

And now, one of our local schools has officially unveiled a name change.

According to the Kennebec Journal, Maine's Unity College is now going to be known as Unity Environmental University. The name change comes as the school really doubles down on its focus and vision statement.

The college, which calls this a "name augmentation," according to the newspaper, has been known as Unity College for the last several decades. Now, the new name is set to "reflect the school's evolution into a multifaceted university," the KJ stated.

Before the name could be fully implemented, it needed approval... a lot of it. And it got it.

But where did all that approval come from?

For starters, it needed approval from the New England Commission of Higher Education and the Maine State Department of Education, according to the KJ. And, as you can imagine, Unity College was thrilled to learn both of those departments presented their approval.

The Kennebec Journal goes on to explain that Unity College, which was founded nearly 60 years ago in 1965, sits on a whopping 225 acres at its primary campus location in Unity. However, the school is now HQ'd in New Gloucester, Maine at Pineland Farms.

The KJ also reported that the school says that it will begin phasing in the new name change over the coming months as they start changing out signs and getting other campus materials changed over to reflect the new name.

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