Did you wake up to a strange message on your Samsung Galaxy phone?  You're not alone!

According to The Verge, the message would have been a notification from FIND MY MOBILE.  Following the message would have been two "1".  When you click on the notification, it clears it.  Nothing else happens.

Normally, this service allows people to locate missing phones.  Not a surprise, this lead some people to believe that hackers (or stalkers) were trying to find the physical location of their phone.

Fortunately, this is not the case.  It turns out that Samsung accidentally pushed the notification out to all Samsung Galaxy phones... WORLDWIDE!  Yes, nearly everyone with a Samsung Galaxy phone got the notification, whether they have the Find My Mobile app or not.

Of the people we've talked to, there have been a few exceptions.  Seems like some people with pre-paid services or extremely old Galaxy phones did not get the message.

Did you get it?  Let us know by messaging us through our app.   Speaking of our app, we promise we'll never use it to send you strange, cryptic notifications.

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