Only two Walt Disney Animation Studios movies in history have grossed $1 billion worldwide. Two of them are the Frozen films. The third is Zootopia, the cute animal/cop movie about a world populated entirely by anthropomorphic critters solving a mystery. The film has spawned a series of shorts on Disney+ and plenty of merchandise — but despite the movie’s massive worldwide popularity, its presence in the Disney parks remains pretty minimal.

That will soon change with the addition of an entire Zootopia land to Shanghai Disneyland. The area will include a Zootopia trackless dark ride called “Zootopia: Hot Pursuit” which, per Disney Parks Blog, will let guests join the Zootopia Police Department for an adventure that serves as a sequel to the movie.

Here is how they describe the attraction:

Before you know it, you’ll be assigned to back up Officer Judy Hopps and her partner, Nick Wilde, now officially a police officer, in an action-filled police chase. Here you will traverse across Zootopia’s iconic terrains, sliding across the ice of Tundra Town, prowling for fugitives through the streets of Sahara Square, sharing a too-close-for-comfort encounter at Mystic Springs Oasis, and plummeting from the canopies of the Rainforest District all in pursuit of Bellwether and her gang to track down Gazelle.

Disney also revealed the first concept art of the area, which is simply called “Zootopia.”

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In addition to the Hot Pursuit attraction there will be appearances by various Zootopia characters, a spot to take photos with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, and all kinds of Zootopia themed food items. (Will the food be vegan? Otherwise that feels a little ... weird.)

At least at first, the Zooptopia land is only coming to Shanghai Disneyland, where it is expected to open by the end of 2023. But when attractions and areas at other Disney theme parks are popular overseas, they are often replicated at the company’s stateside parks, so presumably if people love this Zootopia ride, the odds are pretty good it may open at either Disneyland or Walt Disney World within a few years.

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