What started as an extremely elaborate joke on a TV show has now, somehow, become an actual stage show — not to mention the first musical from Marvel — playing at one of the biggest theme parks in the world.

It’s called Rogers: The Musical and it’s an expansion of the show of the same name that was briefly seen in the opening episode of Marvel’s Hawkeye TV series. In that show, Clint Barton takes his family to see a Broadway musical — which turns out to be a deeply ridiculous show based on the events of the first Avengers movie. While viewers only got a glimpse of Rogers: The Musical at that point, at the end of the season, Marvel gave fans the “entire” show as a post-credits Easter egg:

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The response to Hawkeye was positive enough that Disney and Marvel decided to turn Rogers: The Musical into an actual show at its Disney California Adventure park in Anaheim. The show, which runs about 30 minutes, premiered earlier this week. It features the big number from Hawkeye, plus several new songs written by composer Christopher Lennertz.

You can see what the real show looks like in the video below:

Most importantly (as far as I am concerned) there is a whole tie-in menu at Disneyland connected to Rogers: The Musical including a pastrami pretzel dog, red white and blue kettle corn, and something called a “Shawarm-izza,” which is a combination of words so monstrous I don’t even think Thanos could have conceived it. (Scroll thru this Instagram post to see the pictures.)

If you want to see this thing for yourself, Rogers: The Musical will be playing at Disney California Adventure through August 31. If it’s half as weird as Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, we’ll be delighted.

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