As we're sure you know, the weekend is coming up. For some, that means getting some much needed rest, while others are already planning their social schedule. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to take advantage of what looks to be a lovely spring weekend!

Do: Get out of work or school as quickly as possible

multitudeofgifs, Tumblr

Don't: Stay at the Office

urargumentisinvalid, Reddit

Do: Get your beauty rest

birnl, Tumblr

Don't: Bring your work to bed

whatshouldbetchescallme, Tumblr

Do: Go for a run

thedoctorroseharkness, Tumblr

Don't: Go for a run on your phone

thedoctorroseharkness, Tumblr

Do: A bit of cleaning around the house

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Don't: Remodel if you don't know how


Do: Go to the bar with friends

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Don't: Pass out at the bar with friends

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