As we get to prom time 2021, Duck Tape is reintroducing its Stuck At The Prom fashion competition.  

It is precisely what it sounds like, a prom dress or tux made out of Duck Tape. 

The contest is already underway, and you have until June 9th to craft your creation. A panel of judges will then judge it to narrow things down, and then community judging will happen where your family, friend, and everyone has a chance to weigh in on what creation should be named a winner. That will occur in late July.

There are two first-place winners of a $10,000 scholarship for a prom dress and a prom tux. There will be eight runner-ups with smaller scholarship awards. 

According to the contest rules, contestants need to be enrolled in high school or a home school association high-school program, and you need to be at least 14, and if under 18, you will need parental approval. You do not need to have worn the outfit to a prom as prom plans are different from school to school this year.

When you check out their website, and you really should, they have photos of some of the past winners and their specular creations

The frequently asked questions cover just about the questions you can think of, so you should check that out as well. But from what I can tell, Duck Tape is making it very easy to enter; parental permission if you are under 18, a video or essay about your creation, a hi-res photo you have permission to use, or that you took yourself. 

Good luck! If you are not making a dress but you want to try your hand at some other smaller creations, check out these tutorials

Duct Tape comes in a rainbow of colors, including rainbow tape, glitter, black, gray, white, chalkboard, mirror, and even cork! 

Add in your creativity and some crafting tools; you will have a piece of wearable art.

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