Are you like me and buy Halloween candy and end up eating it before the 31st? I’m sure you are to a degree. After you’ve opened the bag to have one, the whole bag disappears within a day or so. Once it’s gone, then you have to go out and buy more just for ‘Trick or Treaters."

You could always buy candy you don’t like, but then if you’re stuck with it, you’re stuck with it.

My favorites are the chocolate bars, including Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers.

My least favorite Halloween treats are candy corn and Smarties. Candy corn is just gross and Smarties give me heartburn.

When I was a kid I used get annoyed at getting candy apples too. I would toss them and say, I’m throwing these apples away in case one has a razor blade inside.

What are your favorite and least favorite Halloween candies?