Here is another example of Government vs. the free will and choice of the people and private business. We all know trans fats are bad for you and most foods now no longer include them just by way of companies deciding on their own not to include them.

Still the FDA is going to roll out a ban on trans fats altogether. I don’t disagree with the fact that clogged arteries and heart attacks are bad however, I think if you’re all about trans fats for whatever reason you should be able to make those foods or eat them.

This is the same as the mayor of New York City trying to limit soda intake by outlawing all fountain sodas over 16 ounces. I have no problem with educating and informing people of the subject of trans fats, soda or any other health issue for that matter.

There lots of things people do that are bad for their health. Ex: Smoking, drinking too much, salt intake, even red meat supposedly can cause cancer.

Not being active is bad as well, imagine if the exercise police came to your door and said you need to do sit-ups?

Many of us could do a better job to keep healthy but seriously it’s not DC’s say on how or if.

Businesses have a funny way of figuring what sells and works and this includes health trends. Businesses give what people what’s safe either by liability or by serving a relevant product or service.

What do you think?