Today is Friday the 13th, supposedly a day filled with bad luck. Do you take on this day any differently than any other? 

My feeling on Friday the 13th is we look for things that go wrong and blame them on the calendar. I'm sure today will be filled with ups and downs just like other days and if something seriously bad happens it's a co-incidence.

Take for example my thumb injury, that is probably my most recent incident that would fall under a "bad luck" day at work. It should have waited until today if the calendar played God.

As you can tell, I'm not a superstitious person for the most part. Yes I did grow a beard for the Bruins and we see how that turned out, pointless. In the fall of 2013 I did the same for the Red Sox, that must just been a coincidence.

I feel the same about black cats crossing my path, walking under ladders and breaking mirrors, life is full of ups and downs regardless of superstitious activity.

Do you think about things that don't go your way more on Friday the 13th? Are you worried, especially today where Friday the 13th is compounded with a full moon?

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