One of the highlights of last summer was meeting up with listeners at the Skowhegan State Fair for some good old G-Force Laser Tag. And these weren't the kind of rigs you're going to buy at Wal*Mart either. This is top of the line gear, from vests to guns!

Brian, the owner, has this down to a science. As soon as everyone is ready and in position (behind an obstacle), the game begins. You know when you've been hit because you light up. As it turns out, I'm really no good at playing but I sure had a good time!

If you're looking for something fun for the kids to do then your $5 ticket to Kidfest at Champions on Sunday will be well worth the price as G-Force Laser Tag, magic, Rat Race Obstacle Course, bounce houses and more come with it. I hope we see you and your family there!!