Bangor, especially the downtown district, is bracing for pretty heavy traffic and delays this evening in preparation for the completely sold out Luke Combs show. Luke Combs, new country artist of the year, is coming to the Cross Center with opener Lanco with a show that is set to kick-off at 7p with doors at 5:30.

According to Bangor's public information coordinator, Zeth Lundy,

"We're very lucky here in that we've got this great mellow city where it's so easy to get from point a to point b and you sort of get used to how easy it is and how very little time it takes you to do anything. And so sometimes when it takes you an extra five minutes to do something and you're not expecting it it can kind of get you bent all out of shape so we just like to give people a heads up when stuff like this is coming down the pike."

So if you or someone you know is headed up to the show tonight, ya might want to leave early.. Especially if you're planning to grab dinner first. Most restaurants downtown will be near capacity much earlier than normal today.

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