Leave it to me to ruin a good time, right? Okay, I didn't ruin the good time, but I certainly hit the pause button over the weekend at a popular Boston, Massachusetts bar.

My wife and I, along with several friends, headed down to the city this weekend to go see the final stop on the Luke Combs tour at the TD Garden.

After we got checked into the hotel room, we decided to Uber into 'town' to grab a bite and some drinks before the show. We ended up at massive tavern called 'The Greatest Bar' that was just outside the Garden.

We ordered our drinks and food (chicken tenders, obviously!) and proceeded to chill out and listen to Luke Combs on the big screen.

When the food arrived at our table, because I'm such a health-nut, I decided to put some salt on my fries. Well, the salt wasn't coming out of the shaker- like at all, though it was completely full. I started to tap on the back of the shaker to no avail.

I then thought that maybe giving it a little extra force from my ring-finger (yes, while wearing my tungsten wedding band) was a good idea. Well, it wasn't. The shaker shattered open and all the contents poured out all over me, my plate, the table and the floor. Oopsie daisies.

Long story short, I was still able to eat my meal, though there shards of glass all through it. Fortunately I seem to be doing okay considering I probably ate a bunch of glass.

Moral of the story? Don't be a tool.

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