The ongoing saga regarding ferry service between Maine and Nova Scotia continues. The Nova Scotia provincial government said they’d support the venture if a bid came across the desk that Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter liked.

Governor LePage is on board and even wrote a letter to Dexter pledging support and saying that we need this link for economics. Of course, I’m behind MTS/Quest of Maine bid over the other options because of where I live and their push for using Portland as the U.S. dock over Boston.

Personally I’d rather see the boat go from Portland to Halifax for obvious reasons but Yarmouth, Nova Scotia probably needs the riders and their money more. Not that I have the mindset of a “Yarmouthian” but I’ve known a few and many of those who lived there back when the boats docked there were proud of having that distinction.

Regardless, getting to Nova Scotia by any other way except car is nearly impossible, and if done by plane or bus very inconvenient.

As a passenger of the Scotia Prince back in 2004 I was impressed by both the ride and food. The cabins were small but it’s to be expected when you’re on a boat like that. It was about an 11 hour ride overnight from Maine to Nova Scotia and going back it was during the day. The kids loved the boat, Lynn and I thought it was great as well.

The Maine to Nova Scotia crossing was a great way to go to and from. I say bring it back sooner than later.