This past July 4th, weather played havoc on area events. After many events were postponed, some until Saturday and some waiting to run their 4th events on Sunday, it ended up being a weekend full of fun!

Because of the way things worked out, I was able to watch and participate in the Lewiston-Auburn celebrations.

Normally I'm driving vans through the parades myself and don't get to enjoy the 4th of July as a spectator. I love working it as there is always an upbeat and positive vibe to the 4th, but it's also nice once in a while to step back and be the on-looker.

My weekend started like many other people's weekends, Friday was the Independence Day holiday, however with most everything cancelled, it felt more like a Saturday, I even without thinking about it checked the mail.

Saturday, as the weather began to clear and with Winslow going ahead with the parade, it was beginning to feel like the 4th of July. I drove the the sister station's van through the Winslow parade, waving and smiling and was happy to add our additional piece of joy to the parade route.

The parade lasted about an hour and 15 minutes and when done, dropped of the vehicle at the station and headed home. Saturday afternoon, I mowed the lawn and that too took me about an hour and 15 minutes.

Lynn made burgers on the grill and we just had a family night, we played Yahtzee and watched a bit of TV.

Sunday was a blast. We as a family went to the beach with picnic in tow. We actually ended up going to two beaches. First we drove to Sebago State Park Beach, which was beautiful and had many picnic tables in the shade. If you have a State Park pass it is a must for the passport book. We went for a quick dip, had sandwiches and while eating we decided to take our day to Range Pond in Poland. Vikki wasn't much into the waves at Sebago and the water was a bit on the cool side. Nothing against Sebago. They have some of the cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen at a state park and like I said plenty of shade plus they have a snack bar if you don't want to bring food.

We drove to Range Pond and before we even hit the beach we ran into people we know which made our day. It was also really nice to see recognition and the celebration for Sgt. Amanda, whose last name I have forgotten (sorry). There was a reserved party for her homecoming. She was part of the 133rd that came back from Afghanistan last week.

We swam at Range Pond, smiled as the kids played and secretly giggled as Vikki constantly destroyed the boys' sand castles. Lynn brought sunscreen, but I wanted no part of that. I somewhat regret not wearing any as my skin is a bit tender to the touch, but I'll be OK. In fact I'm in less pain today than I was yesterday evening.

Around 3:30 pm yesterday we headed home and recuperated with water, and a shot of air conditioning then it's off to downtown Lewiston-Auburn for the Liberty Festival. My mother in-law lives in the Esplanade, so we gathered as a full family on the Auburn side of the Androscoggin and walking over to Veteran's Park in Lewiston for food once in awhile  and to catch a song or two from the performers. There is nothing like fried dough on the 4th of July!

I caught the Veayo Twins do a few songs which is always nice to see. If you don't know, they're teenage twins and while being great performers they also stand for what's right, including anti-bullying.

The Lewiston-Auburn fireworks began last night at 9:30 and lasted until just after 10:00. They were the best I've seen in the area in a long time. Much of the of the time shooting off multiples with a spectacular grande finale.

I hope your weekend was great as well and you were able to experience some of the July 4th festivities!