I know most people dread the idea of jury duty. Some even try to get out of it, but I would love it if I were picked to be one of the 12.

James Lowe of Barnet, Vermont showed up for jury selection wearing a black and white striped jail bird costume. It isn't clear if he was trying to get out of jury duty, but you can infer from his actions that was his plan in this story.

According to Lowe, the judge says he could have found him in contempt of court and fined him or sent him to jail for showing up looking like an inmate, but instead just released him from the potential jury pool.

Lowe says, nowhere in the juror instructions does it have a dress restrictions.

Am I really the only one who wants to be part of a jury? I would absolutely love it. Of course I think of trials that hit headlines and courtroom drama and get excited about being a part of due process.

Living in Auburn, if I were ever picked I know it would most likely be a small trial without Judge Ito or well known defense attorneys and prosecutors but being on a jury is on my bucket list.