Normally I can give you exact dates for events in my life but this one I can’t nail down but I know it was in the first week in January of 1999. A few days after I found about our first born, and it was around today that Lynn and I moved in together.

I had a Doctor appointment that day at Martin’s Point in Portland, I can’t remember for what now but I remember my car full boxes as I pulled into the medical center’s parking lot after getting out of work at Nichol's Portland.

Honestly we didn’t have a lot when we moved in together. I had my clothes, radio related stuff, pictures and some other smaller items. Lynn brought some dishes, utensils and some other small things from her place she shared with a roommate on Turner St. in Auburn and her Mom’s house. We bought some things we needed at the old Bob's Discount on Rt. 202 in Greene when we started out. We still have a few of those things we bought including a thin metal double steamer pot and green plastic mixing bowls.

Yes, 15 years ago this week, we moved into a furnished efficiency at 274 Court St. in Auburn, apartment 10. We signed a six month lease and knew that would give us enough time to find a bigger place with a baby on the way. Mr and Mrs. Cortigene were a hoot to have as landlords/superintendents. I often wonder if they still run the place? You'd go to pay the rent and they'd invite you in for coffee and before you knew it half the day was gone. 

The only real issue I remember about living there was the parking was a bit of a confusing mess. You could park beside the building at night but had to move it in the morning because the parking lot was shared with a business next door.

The apartment only had a shower stall and toilet in the bathroom. You had to wash your hands in the huge kitchen sink. It was a fairly quiet place and ran us, $80 a week.

As I said we didn’t have much so we played a lot card games late into the night on my nights off, watched TV and talked about the future and our lives together down the road.

I worked 6 pm to 6 am, three days on - four days off and four days on - three days off. Every workday I'd wake up to the theme of 'Young & The Restless' and Lynn would cook dinner on a gas stove and after would run errands or go to prenatal Doctor appointments or do whatever needed being done.

Now we have too much stuff and not enough time to really enjoy each other as a couple and when we do have the time  we're too tired.

Those six months 15 years ago are what our relationship as a couple were built upon.