Yesterday was 'National Hamburger Day' and today is 'Throwback Thursday' a day people post pictures from their past. Today's 'Throwback Thursday' story combines the two. Many of us had jobs through high school and college, or over the summer to make a bit of money.

Back in the late 80s, I worked at a Canadian fast food chain restaurant, Harvey's. Primarily they sold and still do sell hamburgers. Their niche in the business is to cook them plain and have the customer go through a garnish station where an employee assigned to the area would ask the customer what they wanted and then make it up as the customer desired, the same way Subway does subs.

Now for the stories and there many. Who doesn't have one or two, like chasing one another around the backroom threatening each other with ketchup squirt bottles, or sneaking a kiss with your girl or boyfriend on break or if they were a co-worker in the kitchen or backroom.

Do you have any stories from your job as a high school teen?