The traditional wedding season is upon us. Here is a list I found on CNN’s website of do’s and don’ts when it comes to other peoples’ weddings. May and June are huge for weddings. For those who are married what was your date? Ours was on August 26, 2000.

I remember the stress of us trying to get it all together and make it right. The wedding location, the reception facility, gown, tux, trying to make the guest list and who to ask to be your Best Man and Maid or Matron of Honor? Who will you hire for the entertainment and will you have a DJ or band or do what we did and just throw on burned CDs in a shuffler.

Our wedding was pretty simple. My Uncle was my Best Man, Lynn’s older sister was her Matron of Honor and Lynn’s younger sisters were altar servers.

We were married at Sacred Heart Church in Auburn and had the reception at Gippers. I know an odd place to have a reception but it was fun and casual and inexpensive.

I’m still amazed at how many people came from all over, England to California, Canada and Maryland just to join us on our day.

Lynn’s Uncle did one reading and My Mother did the other during the ceremony. We tried to get our families involved as much as we could.

I can remember how nervous I was waiting for Lynn at the church that Saturday morning. She was late (later than expected) so I couldn’t go in the church until she got there and was hidden from me. Meanwhile I was pacing by the back door.

All weddings have that unplanned moment of embarrassment or unpredictability; mine was putting the wedding ring on my right hand. Lynn not wanting to correct the situation in the moment just put the ring on my right hand. It wasn’t until it was time for communion that I noticed and switched it.

Am I the only one who felt a bit stressed when in our case the Priest asked "if anyone objects to this marriage please speak now or forever your peace?" After that pregnant pause was over I felt at ease once again. Not that anyone would have objected but you've seen those movies where someone rushes in at that moment and proclaims their ever lasting love.

After the ceremony, we all went to Gippers for a buffet type reception. Unbeknownst to me, my brother in-law at the time (that’s how you refer to your sister in-law’s husband, right?) and Lynn’s Uncle decorated our car and filled it with streamers and all kinds of party supplies. Word from the wise never book your reception next to a party store.

After the reception it was pretty much back to normal life. I had started my full time position at the Moose at the same time and with already having a child we never did a honeymoon but there is still time. Maybe we’ll go somewhere on your 20th anniversary in 2020.

That's my story, what's yours?