Well, just watched the Travel Channels “Truck Stop Paradise” and yes they did visit Dysart’s just of I-95 in Bangor, Maine. Overall, not bad, they did not go out of their way to make Mainers look like hicks. (So many travel shows do that for some reason) And the food looked great..BUT, I do have a bone to pick with the Travel Channel.

I was born and raised in Bangor. It really bugs me when people “from away” think they know all and call it “Bang-ger” Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!  Just because it was said that way in the Roger Miller song “King of the Road” does not make it fact. So next time, please just take a moment and ask, I am sure some nice person in Bangor will be happy to confirm how the name of the city is said. Or just sound it out...B-A-N-G-O-R. Easy!