So, after making my six year old daughter, Dee Dee, endure eating the extremely tart Golden Berries and the spicy green curry paste, I thought I would reward her by letting her try something sweet: a Maine made maple stick!

I had my first maple stick a few months ago.  Hannaford has them on the same shelf as the BIG whoopie pies.  I was going to grab a peanut butter whoopie pie, but spotted a package of maple sticks and decided to give them a try, instead.  Now, they are one of my favorite desserts (or breakfast...  Sometimes dinner, if I'm feeling lazy)!

This time, I decided to share with my daughter.  Here's what she thought of a maple stick:

If you've never had one, the only way I can describe them is Mainer Baklava...  Filo dough (or something similar), cinnamon, and a maple syrup reduction (instead of the date syrup or honey that you'd find in Baklava).  They are amazing!

Of course, if you've never had one, what are you waiting for?  Grab one the next time you get to the grocery store.


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