Maine is on pace to see a jump in head-on collisions this year in the neighborhood of 25%. The Department of Transportation doesn’t have an official cause for the spike but many believe it has to do with phone use.

Unofficially it sounds like the word about texting and driving is not getting out to people. In Maine so far in 2014 there have been 500 head-on collisions and 28 dead as a result.

The numbers are pretty scary. For those who drive longer distances in the commute it can be down right nerve wracking. I guess the best advice aside from not texting and driving is to wear your seat belt and be aware of your surroundings.

I know from personal experience I see people weaving at times during the day while diving northeast on 202 between Auburn and Augusta. I'm not saying they’re texting but whatever is going on in the car isn't seemingly safe.

Yes I have been at times guilty of making or answering a call or talking a picture of something obscure but I never thumb out a text or update a status while moving. I pull over first. I could be better and imagine many of you could be better as well.

What do you think is causing the upswing in head-on collisions?