A Maine man was metal detecting on a local beach and came across an item that he was not expecting.

As he was combing the beach at Old Orchard in Maine, amidst the sand, he uncovered an item that is the most important thing to someone and it was... someone else.

That's right, he found someone's ashes inside of a locket and for a long time he has been trying to reunite them with their rightful owner.

Steve Dayton via Facebook Messenger
Steve Dayton via Facebook Messenger

The heartfelt incident unfolded and has left Steve Dayton with a touching symbol to watch over for quite a while now. Next to the locket was another puzzle piece. An actual charm shaped in a puzzle piece that has "Dad's Champ" etched onto it.

Steve assumed that both are together.

Steve is the current guardian and custodian of these ashes that hold immeasurable sentimental value and he and I are both hoping that by spreading and sharing this article, we'll find the owner(s).

If someone didn't intend to throw this locket into the ocean, we're hoping to find it's owner.

He told me he found the items together, right under the pier at Old Orchard while metal detecting a couple summer ago.

If you or anyone you know might have the answer to this mystery, please let us know.

Let's all try to reunite these special items with their owners.

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