My Dear Reader,

Let's reunite lovers with a ring that was lost long ago, shall we?

Attention to all lovers who may have lost a ring in Maine! A ring was found recently in Auburn, Maine and I volunteer to help in reuniting the couple with this lost item.

A Maine man, Steve Dayton, was metal detecting on August 25th when he came across an old metal wedding ring. The ring is beautiful and etched on the side.. The names of the lovers, Staci & Daniel.

These love birds need to be found!

Steve is awesome and posted about the ring right after he found it on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook page saying,

"While metal detecting in Auburn yesterday, I found this wedding band ring with names on it “ Staci & Daniel" I would like to return it if anybody recognizes this ring or know who they are? this ring could’ve been in the ground for a very long time, so I’m not sure if I will be able to return it. I will not give out the exact location of where I found it, but it was in Auburn."

Steve Dayton via Facebook
Steve Dayton via Facebook

Let's see if we can help Steve to reunite this special ring with it's original owners.

It does look like Facebook commenters have already gotten to work to investigate this with one person saying,

"I did a little google digging and found a Staci and Daniel Lay in Brunswick. Might be worth seeing if they have a fb account and respond."

Steve Dayton via Facebook
Steve Dayton via Facebook

Hopefully if we spread the word we can find Staci and Daniel and they will finally be brought back together with their symbol of love.

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