Ok, so I am enamored with the one and only, British Baking Show, The Great British Bake Off. Have you seen it?

Every time I am feeling low, 'cuz life, I hope into my Snuggie, grab my cat, plop him on my lap, and watch Mary, Paul, and Prue judge the hell out yeast.

From macarons to bread, cakes, and chocolate confections (and you can't forget the cookies), I can't get enough.

We as Mainers are booming in baked goods, honestly. There are so many talented bakers popping up here and there throughout the state and delivering their delicious treats to us, all made with love.

Let's dive in, shall we?

We put out a Facebook question to our audiences online, and we got hundreds of responses on what you think Maine's best bakeries are.

Whether you're going to brunch, a baby shower, a birthday party, or just wanted to munch on some yummy baked goods, these are the shops to check out!

From places that have been around forever like The Italian Bakery and newer shops that have popped up recently like Marvelous Macarons, I've compiled a list of the most highly recommended bakeries in Maine, from all of you!

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