Let's be totally clear here- I am not the epitome of health by any means, and taking health advice from me would be like taking English lessons from someone who only speaks fluent French. (I actually do speak a tinge of French, oui!)

Anyway, I have recently started daily workouts at the Kennebec Valley YMCA to try and shave off a little of my... umm, 'extra padding'. As such, I'm also trying to modify my diet, too. Sadly, losing weight and maintaining a healthy ones means fewer chicken baskets and chips. Wicked bummer!

My wife is someone who makes protein/nutrition shakes each morning when she gets up and recently I've jumped on board, too. The great thing about it is you can really make them however the heck you want. I've been using chocolate protein and mixing in almond butter, almond milk, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, carrots and whatever other produce I can find rolling around in the fridge. It may seem like all these ingredients would taste bad together, but the chocolate hides it all well!

Well last week Keri brought home some honey for a chicken recipe she was making. A huge bottle for only needing one tablespoon. So I decided I would try adding some to my smoothies. The result? It's amazing. Not only is it amazing, there are some pretty 'sweet' health benefits to eating honey, too.

Like anything else you want to make sure that you eat it in moderation because, in essence, it's a natural sugar. According to Healthline, honey in moderation can help lower you bad cholesterol levels, lower triglycerides (a type of fatty acid), and in turn help lower your risk of heart disease.

Additionally, there is some research that says locally sourced honey from where you live can help combat seasonal allergies. I suffer big time from these and may try it out as we get closer to 'pollen season'. However, there is also research out there that indicates the allergy benefit may be an 'old wives tale'. Either way, I think I'll give it a try and see for myself. Honey is cheaper than Claritin! Hit me up if you know where I can get some tasty local, organic honey.


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