Typically about twice a month my wife, Keri, and I go to lunch. Typically, when we do, I will dart out for a bit after the Throwback Lunch show and head to the Rob! What is the Rob you ask? Well it's the Red Robin! Usually, we either go there or we go to the 99! I was reading a report from 'Nurturing Marriage' that supported the idea that 'doing lunch' is a major benefit.

According to Nurturing Marriage writers Aaron and April Jacob,

It never hurts to make sure you find good food, put your phones away, and open up and share.

Whatever you do, try not to skip your lunch dates (re-arrange your schedule or re-schedule with your spouse)! Also, try and keep them positive. Lunch dates aren't a time for evaluating your relationship. They are a time to put more into your relationship.

Lunch dates are also a fabulous time to practice good etiquette, to flirt, and to continue dating your spouse.