According to some new research, our significant other is the person we're most likely to yell at. That said, believe it or not, only 31% said they've gotten into a shouting match with their s.o. in the past five years!! Ok, clearly I'm in the minority on this one!

Here now, for your utter enjoyment, is a list of the top ten people we're most likely to fight with followed by a list of the reasons why. This will give you something to talk about tomorrow!

A new survey asked people who they've yelled at in the past five years. Here's the top 10 .

  1. Significant other, 31%
  2. Friends, 22%
  3. Coworkers, 17%.
  4. Neighbors, 16%.
  5. our mother, 14%.
  6. Your children, 14%.
  7. Other drivers, 9%.
  8. Someone in line, 8%.
  9. Your father, 8%. (Yes, you're almost twice as likely to yell at your mom as your dad. Happy Mother's Day!)
  10. A total stranger, 7%.

The survey also asked the REASON you got into a shouting match with someone. Here are the top 10 reasons we get into fights . . .

  1. Someone being rude, 25%.
  2. Cutting in line, 21%.
  3. Someone making noise, 16%.
  4. Another driver cutting you off, 13%.
  5. Someone parking in your driveway or blocking it, 11%.
  6. Slow service, 10%.
  7. Your partner spending too much, 9%.
  8. A party, 9%.
  9. Kids staying out late, 8%.
  10. An "inflexible official," like the rent-a-cops who give out parking tickets, 7%.

Enjoy your day and make sure you yell at a couple of people on the list!