Let's talk about drive-thrus, shall we? Yesterday I ordered something on my mobile app and proceeded to the drive thru, happily.

Mobile order makes it easy for you to arrive at the spot and just grab your food or drink of choice. You pay ahead on the app and place your order and it's ready for you the moment you arrive. It makes it so convenient for me as I am always in a rush to get to my destination.

But yesterday I got into a dirty verbal skirmish. And this isn't the only time. Is anyone else finding this to be hard to deal with?

I'll tell you what happened. There are two different lanes for the drive-thru that I go to in Lewiston.

One is the regular in-person ordering lane and the next, right beside it, is the mobile ordering lane. The mobile lane allows you to pass the in-person drive-thru lane because you're order is already waiting for you.

But not everyone likes this. People do not like being in a drive-thru and watching fast lane drivers pull in front of them.

Yesterday, everything blew up. I drove in the mobile lane and was ready to slide in front of the car in the drive thru lane. But they were not happy about it. Here's the thing, I don't like getting into verbal altercations but I also will stick up for myself if someone's being a douche-canoe.

The man in the big SUV was very mad that I was trying to get in front of him but he was pretty far back so I thought I had enough room to slide in.

He beeped at me as I attempted to move in front of him and then I beeped at him. We yelled a bit back and forth and I tried to explain to him what the mobile line allows you to do but he wasn't hearing me.

So I started hum-chucking my opinion at him and beeping at the same time and finally just let him go. But not without saying, "Beep Beep go ahead your Majesty." Sometimes you have to let it go and diffuse the situation.

Yesterday I was a diffuser and if I was a diffuser in real life I would probably be a spicy vanilla. It's a calming scent with a bit of hype.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you get into beeping matches when you are dealing with mobile driving lanes and in-person lanes at your favorite fast food joint?

If so, tell me all about it on our 92 Moose AppChat! Just use the upper right hand corner, it'll say "Chat" and then you can "Chat" with me!

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