This beautiful story includes a family from Louisville, Kentucky. They were positively shocked to become the 600,000th guests to visit the historic Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine, according to WABI. 

Janet Peden was the lucky guest who was honored to sign the guest log at the visitor center, according to the article.

She signed in as the 600,000th person to visit and that followed with celebratory horns, cheers and silly string, as the article stated.

This took place on June 29th.

According to the article, The West Quoddy Head Light Keepers Association  gave them a certificate with a bag of gifts and a photo of the lighthouse.

What a special surprise. To walk into a lighthouse, thinking that you are simply visiting and touring this beautiful place to find out that you are actually are someone special that will be marked in history!

This spot has been welcoming tourist and guests from around the world for 20 years. They've made memories to last a lifetime and this special occasion will be marked in history forever.

According to the article, the family said that they were attempting to visit the 4 corners of the United States. They added that they were very excited to finally reach Lubec.

Lubec was obviously very happy they came!

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