For those who may not speak millennial, "thirsty" means more than craving some high-quality H2O, it also means craving some know.

Four Loko, the caffenaited, alcoholic beverage sure to trigger some memories you'd rather forget, recently did a study on which state was the "thirstiest". Rhode Island took the #1 spot, but where did Maine fall on the list?

Number 2, baby! How did they come to this conclusion? According to their website:

To identify the “thirstiest,” or most sex-crazed cities and states in the US, we used Google search volume data for terms ranging from “dating apps,” “best bars for singles,” “how to get more matches on Tinder,” “best pick-up lines,” “where to buy condoms,” and more.

If you ask me, it probably has something to do with long, cold winters and the copious amounts of oysters we consume. Regardless of the reason why, at least we're top dogs for something other than lyme disease, right?

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