Being a young 19-year-old girl is fantastic. I have the energy of the Energizer bunny. I have the mentality of a woman twice my age and as my aunt says the best calves in the world. However, being so young and "go-getters" comes to a lot of stress that unfortunately can become overwhelming on a good day. So, you might be wondering how I do it? Well, I don't really have a straightforward answer because the truth is sometimes even my life gets the best of me. But one thing for sure is that I have developed my own tricks to de-stressing (along with stealing some from my mom).

So, to be honest about the type of stress I face on a daily basis I am going to go through my regular schedule. I wake up at 5:30am and shower, dress and then head downstairs to pack my lunch. From there I will make my breakfast which tends to be oatmeal or avocado toast. That I am at work by 6:45am and clock in around 7am. I will proceed to spend about 7 or so hours there. Then I get out at 2:45pm drive slightly over the speed limit to my next job; here at Townsquare media. I am here from 3-5pm and if out on an event sometimes later. When all work is done I head to the gym for an hour of my time. Then back home to work on my summer class homework till about 8:30pm. I am asleep by 9pm every night.

Now I know my schedule is very tame in comparison to picking up the kids cooking family dinners and trying to see loved ones. So, I can hope that you can take these types and try to apply them to how you live your life.

1.Identify Your Stress Triggers
The first thing that my mother taught me when it came to handling stress was to figure out what stressed me out in the first place. I would spend so much time stressed out that I forgot why I was stressed in the first place. Once you identify that you can start on your way to destressing.
2.Stop Should-ing Yourself
Do things you actually want to do. Now I know that we all have to do things in life we might not like. But if you honestly hate running yet every day you go for a run than STOP. Because that run is no longer distress. It is a chore, and me as much as the next guy hate chores. So, find something you actually want to do that brings you happiness.
3.Make Sleep A Priority
Just sleep. Turn off your TV, lock the door on your kids and sleep. You will thank me.
4.Step Away from the Screen
I know that this seems a little condescending considering you have to use technology to read this. But I want you to try and prioritize spending some time without your screen. So, put down your phone. Read a book, go for a walk, just unplug.
4.Take Time for Yourself or with Significant Other
Schedule a few hours a week when you can do something alone. I love my family, but I would go nutty if I had to spend all my time on family time.
5.Get Active
Not only will your body appreciate some movement but so will your mind. I love going to the gym but not because of the body benefits. I like to be active because it clears my mind and rejuvenates my spirit.

My final words of advice are to do things that make you happy. If you are like me and sometimes need to chill in bed for a day well-eating pizza and watching Riverdale; than do that. Just remember that stress is healthy and we all face it What we have to learn is how to meet it positively.

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