Keeping my world clean and germ-free as new hobbies. 

Grocery shopping: clean the carts, pick up only what I really want, use a debit card to pay, use a tissue or something to touch the pay pad. 

Home: Wash my hands as soon as I get home, wipe down grocery items I bring into my house, wash hands again.

But in-between is the car.  Let’s see how we keep that zone germ-free as possible AND looking good too!

Kelly Blue Book had a few suggestions. 

First of all…and it is very obvious…clean your hands and your car’s high touch areas on a regular basis.  KBB suggests hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes to wipe those areas. They also DO NOT recommend keeping a large pump bottle of hand sanitizer in your car because heat can cause it to ‘explode’. Hand sanitizer in the car should be in a smaller bottle that you can carry along with you.  Your steering wheel dirty.  Steering wheels can be dirtier than a toilet seat…ick. That can all get transferred to all the places you touch…on your dash, your gear shift and your keys or start button, your door handles…so wipe down those areas on a regular basis. 

So you want it germ-free but you don’t want to destroy your interior right? What do use? Bleach, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are not suggested (SIDENOTE: never mix chemicals…dangerous stuff will happen) as they can cause damage to the plastic that makes up the interior of your car. 

Gas pumps are very germy so you may want to wear gloves or use a paper towel to help create a barrier between you and pump handles and touch screens and buttons you touch on the pump.  Wash or sanitize your hands once you are done. 

Wash your hands often.  No matter how clean you make your car if you are not doing your best with hand hygiene that you are just spinning your wheels.  See what I did there?  :)

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