First of all, you're probably wondering why the picture on this post is of children's Paw Patrol headphones and we're supposed to be talking about caraway seeds. Well, it all makes perfect sense now.

So if you missed what happened Wednesday, long story short, I randomly received 2 bags of caraway seeds from Amazon. My address, my name, apparently my seeds. Though I never ordered these. No order history, no receipt, no weird bank transaction.

I looked and looked and looked for a reason that this might have showed up at my house, but I kept coming up without any answers. Until my 'AHA' moment!

I went and checked my recent order history on Amazon, which happened to include those kid's Paw Patrol headphones we referenced earlier. I had ordered those last week for Gavin because he is so obsessed with my headphones. Well, when I clicked on the order it indicated it had been delivered today (Wednesday). But it hadn't been delivered? We never even saw the item?

Well, the only thing that makes sense here us that when they went to fill my order in the Amazon warehouse, something got messed up. Maybe it was an item number, maybe the warehouse worker got distracted and grabbed the item- or maybe someone at Amazon just doesn't like me. All those options are feasible scenarios.

Either way, I have requested a pickup from UPS and they will come scoop up my caraway seeds and return them free of charge. I just hope Gavin gets his headphones soon!

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