I know it sounds stupid, but it's one of the most stressful things ever when you realize that you've gone somewhere without your phone. And, in my case, it has nothing to do with social media at all. As a matter of fact, I have a company iPhone right here at work that I can use until I get home, but even that doesn't solve my immediate issues.

There are so many things in my house that are controlled by my phone, including our home's climate system etc. I'm always paying close attention to it and adjusting the heat up in the morning as I know the wife and kids are getting up for the day. Well, I don't have my phone, so now I can't make sure that the house is nice and toasty when everyone wakes up. Why don't I leave the heat up all night long you might be wondering? Because no one wants to be hot in their sleep, am I right?

At the end of the day and on the scale of things that are incredibly important, this isn't a huge deal, but it's still super-irritating. When I got to the station this morning and realized that I had forgotten my phone on the island at home, I immediately logged into my Google Nest account so I could just adjust the heat zones from here at work. But noooo, Google has to throw massive wrenches in all my gears. I logged into my account with no problem but it wouldn't let me do anything until I verified a security code sent to my, you guessed it, PHONE! Stupid Google.

Additionally, I thought maybe I had actually carried my phone out and dropped it in the driveway, or maybe it somehow fell out of my truck here at the studio. I logged into my Apple account to 'find my iPhone', but no luck there either. Apple is telling me that, get this, NONE of my devices are online. Really? My iPhone, my wife's iPhone, my iPad, her iPad, her Apple Watch? NONE of those things are online? That's pretty hard to believe and, in fact, they were all online- Apple just couldn't get their stuff together this morning.

Out of an abundance of caution I ended up calling (and waking up) my wife to look for my phone to make sure I at least knew where it was. As I mentioned before, it was indeed on the kitchen island, so I know it's safe. But still, what a giant pain in the A, and what a way to start my day being angry with Google and Apple. They both need a firm talking to.


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