Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. This is the first day many ice cream stands open for the season. I know that Fielder’s Choice in Manchester and Sabattus already have, so warmer weather is sure to follow.

Our family's go-to ice cream stand is Dairy Joy on Spring St. in Auburn mostly because it’s close. They are great and I know many other ice cream locations are just as good.

My favorite flavor is cookie dough. I like it on a cone or used in a mix-in/Blizzard type treat. A close second favorite would be a strawberry sundae, no nuts, no cherry and yes to whip cream.

For a cone I prefer hard ice cream but for mix-ins I prefer soft.

We as a family also like Hodgman’s Frozen Custard in New Gloucester but they don’t open until Mother’s Day. For us at home, Hodgman’s is a Mother’s Day tradition.

I ask you, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Where is your go-to ice cream place?