You've probably heard that Monopoly is going to be adding three new playing pieces: a rubber ducky, a penguin, and a T-Rex.  The new version hits stores this fall, by the way.  It got me thinking about what playing pieces we'd have if they did a "Maine" version of monopoly.  I put the question out to you and here are some of your best answers.

- A Moose (personally, I REALLY like this one)


- Lobster

- Lobster Boat

- Pine Tree

- Pine Cone

- A Moxie Bottle

- An Allen's Coffee Brandy Bottle

- A Snowflake

Also, someone said that we would have to switch the "hotels" to Red Hot Dogs.

What I really wanna' know is what we would change the spaces on the board to....  Would Boardwalk become OOB?  Park Place becomes Cape Elizabeth?

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