Maine, like many other states since the early 90s, has come a long way in having smoke free homes.

I do have a question. What is the definition of a 'home?' Many landlords in their rental agreements do not allow smoking inside their apartments and most, if not all government housing in Maine, bans it, too.

I'm not sure in which category I fall. Smoking is certainly not allowed in our living space, but we do allow smoking on our sun porch, which sort of doubles as a summer storage area, where we keep recycling, etc. You can sit on the porch but it's not the most enjoyable place at the house. If we have a smoker over, they usually go outside. However, if the weather is bad, it's allowed on the sun porch, with the door to the house closed.

Smokers, do you go outside to smoke? Non-smokers, do you allow guests smoking in your home?