It’s game day! Patriots are in England to take on the St. Louis Rams. Yes, jolly old England not New England. My story is more about Vikki and her game day jersey.


Just before week two, we bought Vikki a Tom Brady #12 Patriots jersey at Kohl‘s, she looks very cute in it but every time she wears it during a game, so far anyway, the Pats lose. I’m not kidding, I seriously question if whether this jersey is cursed or just a coincidence. We’ve tested this theory through and through over the past six weeks.

She wore it for the games against Arizona and Baltimore. After the Ravens game, that’s when we thought there may be trouble, so we didn’t put it on her for the games against Buffalo and Denver, guess what? The Patriots won. Then put it on for the game against Seattle, lost. Last weekend we didn’t watch the game because we were helping my mother in-law rake leaves and Justin had his travel team basketball try-outs but most importantly, Vikki did not wear the #12 Tom Brady Patriots jersey. Shall we attempt fate again? Should we dawn our *Vikks* in the Brady jersey today or not?

Hopefully by posting this we’ll change the course of action and break any curse we may have imposed. I will let you know what happens later, keep tuned.