The Stacyville Fire Department has gone on many calls to put out fires, but this one was in their own fire station.

According to News Center Maine, the state fire marshall's office said that the fire started around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22. The building and some equipment inside the fire station were heavily damaged. Several neighboring towns came to assist in putting out the fire rather quickly.

Office of the Maine State Fire Marshal
Office of the Maine State Fire Marshal

One firefighter was taken to the hospital to be treated for a leg injury not related to the fire.

The source of the fire was a shelf where several lithium-ion batteries were charging. This was all an accident, but a good lesson for everyone to learn when it comes to charging lithium-ion batteries.

Jeff Parsons
Jeff Parsons

The National Fire Protection Association has these safety tips to remember when charging or using your lithium-ion batteries:

• Only use the battery that is designed for the device.
• Put batteries in the device the right way.
• Only use the charging cord that came with the device.
• Do not charge a device under your pillow, on your bed, or
on a couch.
• Do not keep charging the device or device battery after it is
fully charged.
• Never leave any lithium-ion batteries unattended while charging
• Keep batteries at room temperature when possible. Do not
charge them at temperatures below 32°F (0°C) or above
105°F (40°C).
• Store batteries away from anything that can catch fire
• Stop using the battery if you notice these problems: odor, change in color, too much heat, change in shape, leaking, or odd noises. If it is safe to do so, move the device away from anything that can catch fire. Call 9-1-1

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